Ulual Yyy

Ulual Yyy

English version

SUMMON THE HEART/kutsukaa sydäntä

Summon the heart, just summon my heart – it holds strange drink

Summon the heart, it dwells inside of me. It offers strange drink….

DEVOURER OF HEARTS/sydänten ahmija

We meet in secret

Familiar, dark figure waiting on the shore, but this

feeling and your lips…they chill me, chill me

Let´s climb aboard the boat and drown our little sorrows

at the shore the bird-cherry flowers – they just spread their heavy sweet


row the boat to the land of intoxication, raise the oars, let the

stream lead…and the maid of the waters wave from the waves, her hand,

her fin, her tail, alga – there is no-one left here whose heart you could


tale and truth of human world vanishes, tale and truth of human world

vanishes – it is replaced with birch-cherry’s heavy sweet blackness

PETE P/pete p

Pete P, do you understand this: shout your sorrows into this jar and

break it to pieces. This jar hears you, it has an ear, but it wont

speak for it has no mouth.

Pete P, do you understand this: whisper your dreams into this jar

and treasure it, it may come true, maybe someone makes it true.

No no no, don’t you put your hand into these jars, if you touch your dream


will break, if you grab your griefs they will double back to you,

they come back to you

SONG OF THE BYGONE/laulu jo menneestä

the song of night, the night song, is ulual yyy, ulual yyy. I sing in the

nights house, light I chant into it, and a vision like-night I sing

-and (s)he appears.

but there is no Collector from behind those wings

though I sing, i can not rescue you

again I sing the house and You into the house, You appear but your shape


and your voice subsides

as there is no Collector from behind those wings

though I sing, i can not rescue you

PLANETS HAVE STOPPED/pysähtyneet planeetat

In this place golden seeds grow from hands

birds pick them up

In this place golden strings grow from hair

with them birds tie flowers to their tails

In this place little wings grow to feet, to heels

with them fly closer, closer to the brightness

In this place little beams grow from your eyes

with them one sees future and ancient universes

NOW the planets have stopped moving, planets are not moving, the

planets have stopped


come down leaf of a birch, cover the black ground

leaf of a birch, the black ground

come whirl wind like snow spring a new land

first snow, new land

a puny bush is freezing under the tree

even though the birch is covering it with leaves

path be covered, ice get fixed to the rock!

path gets covered, ice gets fixed to the rock

from my mouth come out my favourite song

leaf of the birch DROP

first snow

new land

first land

new snow

mashed ground


if you wouldnt have waken from under your shadow

your eyes would be open, open

But the sun is coming from the window, bright and harsh

and it is showing how things really are

if you could get away from under your shadow

your eyes would be open, open

and you would see how the world is, you would see how the world is

big and beautiful

how the world is

bright and hard bright and hard bright and hard


The black wings of your eye lashes

The grim pose of your head

scare away people

they make a beast out of you


sadness is no more hunting me

and i am no more on sadness carriage

still it left

a mark on me

to the skin, to the lips, to the glance

i always remember love, i forever feel love,

huge, silent love

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