Keraaminen Pää

  1. Joku toi radion
  2. Suzy Sudenkita
  3. Dadahuulet
  4. Pimeyttä kohti
  5. Otakun uhkaus
  6. Rakkauden palvelija/14.käsky
  7. Ihmispuku
  8. Ajanlaskun aatto
  9. Yövalo

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¨Between Enya and Dead Can Dance¨ -Wire

¨A surrealist take on Marianne Faithfull” -Pitchfork

Islaja has left the forests and moss-covered paths behind.

Through an underground tunnel, she wandered off towards the city and found you again.

She came in through the door as you were taking out the rubbish. Or through the window you opened on a summer’s night.

Do you feel as though you’re not alone, even if there’s no one else in the house?

Look around you and you’ll see – Islaja, petrified into a ceramic head on your window sill, on your television set.


Total length: 44 minutes.
Catalogue Number: FR-72/FR-72LP
Released: 14 September 2010

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