1. Kristallipallosilmät
  2. Kenen maa
  3. Emoa ikävä
  4. Kämmen, kynsi, kieli
  5. Kukkia
  6. Haikea, kirkas
  7. Sata naakkaa sitten
  8. Majassani nukut, kataja
  9. Valo vedestä
  10. Viimeisellä rannalla
  11. Harhojen perhe
  12. Halpaa kultaa
  13. Aallot ja äänet

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Islaja might well be a forgotten islet somewehere or a name of courageous
sword swinging heroine in a forgotten fable. For one, Islaja is a certain
young woman that has sang and played an album full of heart-rending intimate
music. Half a year of quietly working in her homestudio brought about
a cluster of transcendental tunes that are now being released as an album
called Meritie.

One song
Islaja whispered in a fever and another with an oriental monkey. At times
it is impossible to tell where the sounds are coming from. The variety
of instruments is vast, but all have their space and strong belief in
the power of individual sounds can be heard. Islaja has exceptional sense
of harmony that alone can make the album a magical listening experience.

The voice
of Islaja sounds bravely over the screaming crazed sea-gulls. It is stunningly
honest. This is a great victory in these times of sadness.


Total lenght: 39 minutes.
Catalogue Number: FR-32

Released: 2004
ISRC: FI-SSP-04-00031 – 00043

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