Exercise in channeling

What follows is an exercise in channeling. Instead of speaking on behalf of Islaja, I will let her lyrics speak through me.


Having Islaja in my mouth: “Move on like a cloud”
Singing: “Keep swimming like a shark”

When she is in, speaking becomes listening
My body her sound box
She my resident artist

“It is hard to say if I am the same
The same person or a different animal”[1]

Together we are a chimera

When Islaja is playing in my head
I get closer to her and stranger to myself

“Catch my precious body
Like a spider mommy
Into your waves”

Drifting with musical ebbs and tides
In cloud and shark styles
“My eyes are fixed on the sky”

Repeat these words: “Music and birds”[2]


When practicing this at home, the longer you listen, the more you can hear. Be open to new forms and shapes of experience.
Become a rewilded (wo)man).

[1] Freely translated from “En osaa enää sanoa, olenko sama ihminen
En taida enää tajuta, olenko eri eläin” (See No Sun)
[2] Freely translated from ”Musiikkia ja lintuja” (Music is Mine)

Jenna Sutela, December 28, 2013, Los Angeles

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