Islaja sings poems by Teresa of Ávila

“Islaja Sings Teresa” oli Pyhän Teresan Hurmio – näyttelyn oheisohjelmaa. Konsertti pidettiin Amos Andersonin taidemuseolla 24.lokakuuta 2015.

Islaja sings Teresa

New life of Teresa project!

Autumn 2015 I participated in an exhibition called “The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa”. In addition to the actual art, I gave a special Teresa-concert. For that I researched her texts, poems and biography. I found her a fascinating woman.
It was a one-off concert, but the songs stuck with me, and i wanted to sing them again.

Jasmine Guffond and I had talked about doing some music together, and i thought she could accompany me on these songs. It worked out so well, that we are now planning to do more shows and compose more material together. Is this the birth of Mermine?

18th of December 2015 we performed at an art exhibition opening party. We are sitting in the middle of the room, between two big speakers. Candles are lit and the bar closed for the next 30 minutes. Enjoy!


saint halo teresa

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