Parallel Vienna

Merja Kokkonen

The Soft Catechism, 2015

Spray paint and cord on woven cotton fabric, on display table, 81 x 47 cm

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parallel vienna

In September 2015 czirp czirp is participating in the art show PARALLEL VIENNA with a group presentation. The artists FÉLICIA ATKINSON (FR), JONÁŠ GRUSKA (SK), ANTONIA KUO (USA), MERJA KOKKONEN (FIN) and STEVE RODEN (USA) express themselves both through sound and visual art.

The selection of artworks and artists approaches is of heterogeneous character. The intention in this exhibition is to emphasize on the plurality of concepts dealing with sound aesthetics.

As the focus in past projects had mainly been on live music performance and sound installations with ephemeral character, czirp czirp now turned to choosing works from a representational angle addressing the possibilities of visual artistic expression developed through sound.

These visualizations of sonic perception are to be seen in relation to the predominantly visual or context based conceptions and attempts to understand art as well as current aesthetic approaches. What unfolds are questions directing to accessibility and distribution of art works, poetics and language as well as a Materialist understanding of sound embedded in the process of artist’s work.

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This compilation represents the sonic sides of the artists shown with czirp czirp at PARALLEL VIENNA 2015.

Track list:
Steve Roden, transparency (red), 2014, from the Album Flower & Water, 05:01

Antonia Kuo, Untitled, 2015, recordings from the artist’s working process in the dark room, 05:14

Merja Kokkonen, Music is Mine (Remix), 2015, 01:52

Félicia Atkinson, Find the Coyote, 2015, spoken poetry, 04:04

Jonáš Gruska, Dvere (Site Specific Resonances IV.), 2015, 16:29
Site-specific installation made for VII. Zlín Youth Salon 2015
The work consists of three compositions for unused metallic door.


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